What is Airbrush Makeup?
Airbrush Make-up achieves extremely smooth, flawless skin. Hollywood Celebrities have been using airbrush makeup for years, now the secret is yours to try! The makeup is sprayed on to the skin through an airbrush. The application is a cool, breezy feeling, and unlike conventional makeup, feels very thin on your skin. Airbrushing can provide translucent or solid coverage, special concerns such as small tattoos, birthmarks, scars and blemishes will fade away before of your eyes. Once applied, it requires virtually no touch-up and is extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Perfect for any special occasion such as Prom, Birthdays, Bat Mitzvahs and Bachelorette Parties!

  • Water and rub-resistant - Longer lasting than conventional makeup
  • Water-based (washes off with makeup remover & water)
  • 100% Hypoallergenic
  • Requires minimal, if any, touch-ups, except for lipstick
  • Does not come off on casual contact with clothing
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Great for oily, acne prone and uneven skin
Airbrush Make-up
Teenage application - 45.00$
Full application - 65.00$
Application for Men - 35.00$

1 Day False Eyelashes
Natural Hair - 20.00$
High Fashion - 30.00$

On Location Airbrush Makeup
1 person - 100.00$
3 people+ - 75.00$

Make up available on location for Photo shoots, Fashion Shows, TV, And Video
*Price varies depending on requirements, amount of people and additional accessories
Half Day (4 hrs) - 180.00$+
Full Day (8 hrs) - 380.00$+
in & Out (1 model) - 100.00$

Celebrity Make-up Lessons
Learn to work with you features, not against them! Gain knowledge of the newest products and discover the secrets beauty secrets like how to conceal imperfections and what colors look best!
Private 1.5 hour lesson - 85.00$
Teenage lesson – 65.00$
Makeup Certification – 1,050.00$
Includes full Makeup Kit, classes held seasonally at Belmonda L'Academie de Beauté